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Bancroft & Lyne are available for touring. Please contact sbancroft@btinternet.com

Bancroft & Lyne Biog

Performing together for the past 2 decades Bancroft & Lyne’s repertoire includes a mix of original contemporary jazz-based songs alongside reimagined jazz classics and covers of songs by songwriters such as Suzanne Vega, Rickie Lee Jones and Joni Mitchell. Heralded as a ‘must see’ act at a recent Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, New York they have performed at many venues and festivals around the UK, Europe and North America.

As a couple living in the same house during lockdown they used the unexpected time to evolve the duo’s identity, finding different ways to orchestrate old and new songs.  Alongside this they developed a weekly international livestream audience and produced their most recent CD Monday Nights which received much critical acclaim, including being listed in JazzViews top jazz albums of 2020

“an album of the highest class, superbly produced, and entertaining” – JAZZVIEWS

SOPHIE heralds from one of Britain’s top jazz families. Enjoying a career as a jazz vocalist over the last three decades she has also received much acclaim as a songwriter and composer, with her work being used in major US TV shows such as ‘Six Feet Under’ and her songs recorded and performed by award-winning jazz luminaries such as US pianist Louis Durra and UK vocalist Liane Carroll to name but a few.

TOM, originally from Edmonton, Canada, moved to Europe after graduating from McGill University with distinction on jazz bass. Aside from working with Sophie he is the bassist in the Dave Milligan Trio, The Unusual Suspects and his own group The Band Lyne. Previous work includes Martha Reeves and The Vandelas, Tommy Banks, Charlie Hunter, Mairi Campbell, Kevin MacKenzie, Chic Lyall, Karine Polwart and Brian Kellock.


Sophie and Tom are both experienced jazz educators. Sophie teaches voice at Aberdeen and Edinburgh Universities, has numerous private teaching students and runs jazz vocal workshops around the UK with colleagues and jazz luminaries Liane Carroll, Sara Colman and Brian Kellock – see here. Tom has taught at Napier and Aberdeen Universities and McGill Conservatoire. They regularly run workshops together working with vocalists and instrumentalists – see here.
Photo below  – Teaching a Jazz Workshop at the
Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, New York

Youth Jazz Workshop at Eastman School of Music Rochester NY.

Promotional Photos Bancroft & Lyne


“Bancroft & Lyne are first-class jazz performers, improvisers and songwriters. Their performances here are upbeat, musical and subtle, and surprisingly made me totally forget about our COVID outbreak isolation lockdown.” THE WHOLENOTE (link to original review)

“an album of the highest class, superbly produced, and entertaining”  – JAZZVIEWS (link to original review)

“this music heralds a new kind of lieder in which both Miss Bancroft and Mr Lyne are equal partners. What this duo succeed in doing is add a veneer of most eloquent intimacy to the art of the [voice and bass] duet” – JAZZDAGAMA (link to original review)

“Tom Waits meets Cole Porter. Mixing jazz and folk influences including elements of Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald.“ – THE WORLD OF JAZZ (link to original review)

“Stunning pairing of the guitar and vocals of Sophie Bancroft and bassist Tom Lyne joined forces to provide an intimate but joyful duo” – JAZZVIEWS (link to original review)

“Uncommon artistry on the part of both members of the duo” – JAZZDAGAMA (link to original review)

“jazz and folk, delivered with an intimacy and joy” – MICHAEL’S MUSIC BLOG SPOT (link to original review)




Some of our favourite past gigs have included:

  • ‘Made In UK’ Showcase @ Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, New York
  • Support slot with Bert Jansch at ABC Glasgow
  • American-Scottish Foundation, New York
  • Double bill with Paul Jones & Dave Kelly @ Celtic Connections
  • Double bill with Christine Tobin @ Celtic Connections
  • Gigs around the Highlands with the Scotland On Tour initiative in 2022 – coming out of lockdown


Contact Info

Sophie Bancroft:
email – sbancroft@btinternet.com
+44 (0) 7989915302

Tom Lyne:
+44 (0) 7811594824







Streaming links:
SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/bancroft-lyne/sets/monday-nights
Spotify: https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/4sIbO3x4hgTpmGLcXGlcpV/home

Tech Specs


  • Guitar Amp – Acoustic style amp like AER60 or equivalent which can provide DI to front of house (or mic it)
  • Guitar Stand –has own
  • Vocal Mic – SM58 or similar
  • Monitor – We can also work from single monitor


  • Bass Amp – Good quality 150 watts or more – has own preamp selector for mixing Double and Electric bass. Front of house can also take a DI from the preamp.
  • Guitar Stand – has own
  • Vocal Mic – SM58 or similar
  • Monitor – Can also work from single monitor
  • Will make specific arrangements if there is need of a double or electric bass






Setup and sound can usually be complete within one hour.